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Trash Panda

Coming soon!

It's every raccoon's favourite night, it's garbage night. This is a simple raccoon simulator, in which you try to make the worst mess possible.

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canada: the game, raccoon edition


Saving this for later. As a Canadian... I must play this


what the heck !!!!!

this is so rad

i love trash panda season,,,,,,,

um!! word of advice!! its pretty hugely frowned upon in programming circles to release dev updates and game updates through a discord when you already have a website or two to work with!!!

they are really out of the way and most people feel really uncomfortable using them to access information and producing blog posts/dev updates publicly is generally a much better option for most people.

I don't have too much experience in programming circles, but as a streamer on Twitch, I'd say that most of our communities are actually THROUGH Discord so having the Discord channel actually is a huge help and builds more communities this way. Especially with more of the younger demographic getting into games, Discord is one of the most popular social platforms and it seems that they'd find this a lot more accessible than going to a website.

Just my two cents! I don't think there needs to be anything set in stone but either way, SUPER looking forward to this game :)


Personally, I don't mind being on the discord servers. But I don't really like getting involved with public communities too much on it. It's more work for me to mute all the non-update channels but I'll do it for games I care enough about.

But I guess I'm also not really part of the younger demographic. :P


Thank you for sharing these thoughts! I value both of what you've said. All this happened so fast, so I acted as quick as I could. The day the CTV journalist interviewed me was the same day I bought my domain, set up this page, and the discord! I directed most of the traffic to discord because I knew I could build community around the game there.

Moving forward, I'll likely post future dev builds here and/or on Steam. For tiny updates, like daily progress, I'll post on Discord and my Twitter/Instagram.

I'd appreciate your opinion, where do you think is the best place to do bigger dev updates? And where do you think is the best place for hosting game testing?


Oh! Thank you for the reply!

Bigger dev updates are probably best posted everywhere at once, so long as you're not stretching yourself out too far.

As for game testing... That's not really ever something I've actively participated in so I'm not entirely too sure, but Discord does seem like a good bet there. As well as Steam forums/news posts.

Thanks for you intput!