Revival Jam Day 1

It's been a busy week for me... in my non-gamedev life. My day job is in corporate video post-production. I was so busy in fact, that I didn't notice that Revival Jam had begun! 

In an effort not to have a 0% progress day, I felt the simplest thing to do was upgrade the project for the latest LTS (Long Term Service) version of Unity just before bed. That would be 2019.4.12f1. Instead of upgrading, I decided to start a fresh project and import all latest assets and then import my scripts, prefabs and one scene. Okay, still simple... right? Except I accidently started a new 2020.1 version without noticing until after I imported everything.

Fine. I'll do it again.

So, I did... only this time I did it in 2019.4 with URP. Imported everything, one at a time. Upgraded assets for URP... and then discovered one of my key assets uses a material that can't be upgraded to URP. Bother. 

Started a new fresh project... 2019.4, built-in renderer. This time I just drag & dropped the whole previous project in. Then re-imported the assets with materials to restore to non-URP level.

I did not import the Oculus Integration (from the asset store) or the Oculus XR Plugin (from package manager) because one of my goals to to make this project compatible with all VR devices. So, instead I imported Unity's XR Interaction Toolkit.

By this point, it was way past my bedtime... but at least the project is rebuilt and it runs, albeit without any way to interact with it. That will come later, as I learn how to use the Unity XR Toolkit. Though, I do have a concern with regards to that: my Oculus Quest 2 has not arrived yet, and I don't think this tool kit will function with the Oculus Go. I guess we'll find out!

Late night thoughts...

I'm juggling three projects right now. There's this one (which I've held off working on until the start of Revival Jam), there's Evelyn's Quest (a top-down adventurer for kids) and an untitled VR platformer.

All three of these projects share a lot of the same systems I'm building, and I got to wondering... should I work on all three games inside one Unity Project? Case in point, in Evelyn's Quest and the Platform VR, the enemies and the player controls are the same. In Wandering Moose and Evelyn's Quest, the procedurally generated levels are the same system. My dialogue system will be the same across all three (if I decide to include dialogue in Wandering Moose... probably not). Only two are for VR, but I'd like all three to work on PC without VR.

So, I wonder, should I merge them all together?

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