Revival Jam Days 5-7

I'm not sure where to begin!

On day 5, I spent most of the time sorting out how to use the Oculus Go controller, without using the legacy plugins. In the version of the came pre-Revival, I used Oculus's OVRInput and other OVR tools. But, I want this version to be more widely compatible. It wouldn't be so hard with almost any VR devices other than the Oculus Go to test with, because I could plug in and just play around until it worked, using Debug.Log messages in the console. But there's no console for the Go! I did end up sending messages to a UI Text element so I could see what's what in-game. And that helped. Iteration time is soooooooooooo slow. I managed though. 

Yesterday, day 6, I added in some camera controls for non-VR play. That works out okay. It also allowed me to experiment with the movement, animation and locomotion of the moose you ride upon. I'm still not satisfied, but it's getting closer. Oh! Also, I had some inspiration from a photo I saw of a forest - mountains the backdrop! I created a skybox using some of my Synty mountains. I edited the skybox in Photoshop a bit, to give faux fog, since skyboxes are unaffected by fog. The other major change, is I made some of the trees HUGE. I think I scaled some up as much as 6x. Now that really fills the vertical view, making it so much prettier. The huge trees have skinny trunks, so it actually improved the chance to navigate. Check out!

Today, Day 7, I worked on the AI for the baby moose you're to find and bring back home. It's getting there. Thankfully, NavMeshSurface came to the rescue again. After the level is generated, I run this simple coroutine:

    IEnumerator BuildNavMesh()
        yield return new WaitForFixedUpdate();

And, presto, I have a NavMesh, for which my Malbers Animations AI Moose can use.

It's getting there... I'm really pleased with my progress.

I'm also thinking about adding water. Moose really like water, and make their homes in or near ponds and lakes - which keeps them safe from predators. So I'm considering making the starting position on a small island in a small lake - and that's where you've got to bring your fawn back to. Fortunately, my moose assets already have swim logic built into them - so that  should be a breeze. Making the terrain create ponds, in a specific place - will be harder.

Once I get my Quest 2 (if it ever shows up...) I might entertain the idea of using more realistic assets. This game is already pushing the limits of what the Oculus Go can do. If I did, it would mean I'd have to re-think how the ground is generated. It wouldn't be too hard, basically doing the Unity Terrain system, instead of the procedurally generated mesh I'm using now. Anyways, that's low on the priority list.

Still to do:

  • work on fawn behaviour
    • add audio of it calling
  • improve input/locomotion
  • create level progression system, i.e. once player succeeds, generate a new world that is bigger/harder
  • create menu/start screen?
  • create a "home"?
  • create an overhead map?
  • create enemies?
  • add a timer?

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